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Squier Strat 2 Post Trem Drop-in Replacement

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Hey all, Been a while since I posted.

Does anyone know of a drop-in 2 post trem with a steel block (Or a steel block that'd swap to this trem) I checked out the pinned tremolo thread and it looks like the measurements from the posts are taken from the center of the posts? Do manufacturers use this measuring point universally? Where on a trem do I measure string-spacing? At the bridge pickup? the saddle? the string ball-end holes? Sorry, I am used to TOM/STP or BADASS-type bridges and humbuckers (F-Spaced or non-F-spaced.)

Just bought one of these:


I am currently living in an apartment and am a several hour drive from my dad's hobby shop, so modding these days requires simple hand tools and drop-in parts right now. I bought this guitar for $129 on sale from $219. I saw it 3 years ago and thought it looked beautiful. Seems after 3 years the shop wanted some to buy it!

The matte amber finish on the body matches the headstock. Basswood body. I am a lot less offended by basswood than I thought I'd be. Since the finish is transparent, the pieces of wood used are few and decent. The neck is great on this particular guitar (Believe me, I checked at the shop!) I like the color with the rosewood fretboard and tortoise pickguard.

Plans for the guitar are switching the hardware over to gold, replacing the white plastic with cream plastic, locking tuners, new trem, graph-tech or roller saddles and graph-tech or roller nut. I bought it without plugging it in at the store, but once I got home and plugged it into my Music Man I was actually quite impressed with the pickups even (That or I've become tone-deaf overnight!) but I might add some GFS pickups to one of their "13 sound" tortoise pickguards.

Quality control with the cheap guitars can be hit-or-miss but the guys in Indonesia who built this particular guitar somehow managed to do an amazing job of woodwork, assembly, finish and grab the good stuff out of the parts bin! What are the odds? This particular guitar was actually nicer than any of the $500-or-less guitars in the store!

This is my new "player's guitar" or "beater guitar" since my 70's lefty aluminum-neck Kramer is in pieces again, still undetermined if it'll become righty or lefty...and my righty '91 Gibson '76 Explorer reissue is not allowed out of its case at parties!

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