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Fretboard Thickness

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Hmm, curious question there. I wonder if there would be problems for over cutting the slots? I'd imagine if you fretted before glueing up to the neck you could cause some problems with the board. The one obvious problem which is mostly just visual is the long slots along side the side of the fboard. I know fboards can also help give a bit of strength to the neck, so depending on the neck and support, it might affect the strength, but I don't know how bad that could be with a decent neck. The one last thing I could think of in reagrds to the question is whether or not this could weaken the board enough to make the truss rod a danger. If the slots are really deep and your truss rod pushes on the middle of this area without a filler strip, could it be weak enough for the truss rod to break it down the middle? If expanded too much. Anyhow, I can't say, but was just throwing some specific concerns of overslotting that come to my mind. We shall see what everyone thinks.

Have you already radiused the board yet? Often after radiusing the board you must deepen the slots, so you might still be ok the middle of the slots might be still too deep but the sides might still be salvageable looks wise

BTW-I haven't come across a guide to maximum depth of fret slots, I believe they should just be deep enough for the frets to seat properly

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Enough to where the fingerboard wont break when you clamp it, I suppose. I leave about 3/32"+ (usually thicker) thickness left, but I think of it the reverse way - I think how deep the slots need to be for the fret's, not the minimum thickness left beneath the fret slot.

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Is there a minimum thickness recommended under the fret slot?

I think I slotted too deep and wanted to see if the fretboard can be saved.



I think as long as the fingerboard isn't hanging by a sliver of wood you are good to go. Black epoxy seems like a reasonable filler. Once the finger board is glued down it will be a lot stiffer, use the epoxy filler during fretting not before unless you like cutting fret slots. If the board isnt ebony make up a colored epoxy to match the wood and clean it off before it dries, you may want to add some wax to the surface of the fretboard on each side of the fret just in case you need to scrape off epoxy in areas you missed.

You did not say how much wood is left under the slot? Again if you hold the board only on one end and it bends towards the floor in a nice curve, I would scrap it and start again. If it stays straight you should be ok just fill the slot and use a depth stop next time.


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