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Lacquer Schedule

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Hey, Quick question: What would happen if I put on several coats of Stew Mac Nitro Aerosol Lacquer and then put on the rest of the coats a couple of days later? I have to go out of town for a couple of days and was wondering if I could get a head start before I left and put of as much as 4 coats. Or would it be better to just wait until I come back to start lacquering?

Thanks, Christian

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It would seem as though you might want to let the first round harden before sanding it for the next series of coats. Lacquer of that type takes a long, long time to harden.

Also, what did you seal the body with? Has it cured? You need time for the solvents to escape.

Since you asked what we think here's my 2 cents: All good things come in time.... take your time and do it right, or rush it and do it again.... :D


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