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Saga Prs Question

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Hey, be grateful, my Saga kit didn't even come with a neckplate :D Yes, missing parts in a brand new Saga kit. Beware. I'd personally save yourself the trouble and forgo getting a Saga kit at all, unless you're really hardcore about wanting to "assemble" your own guitar. I'd put the money into better pickups and upgrade your Dean.

::EDIT:: And also, I don't even think with a bolt-on (even if Saga had supplied the proper screws) the bond/screw tightness would be adequate, because the pocket and neck thickness at the heel joint combined is less than an inch. The screws go right under where the neck pickup is mounted. Doesn't seem strong enough to me, given string tension. Even your Evo is better built.

What about putting a pair of Evo's in your Evo? :D

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