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Inlaying Into A Blank Fretboard

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Due to time restraints and needing to finish any projects before I move in september, I am trying to get a guitar started and finished by then (with exception of paint anyways) so instead of going with a custom neck builder, I might just get a blank Carvin neckthru blank.

Since they can't do certain options I required for one project, I would have to do it for my other project, which I was planning on putting a custom inlay into. But if I go thru Carvin, there obviously won't be an inlay, although it should be done within 3-6 weeks (I will have 2 weeks or so before I move, to build the body/routing/etc)

So what I am wondering. Is it possible to someday in the future, if I had a guitar that was already finished/strung/setup, to install some inlays into it? Would a custom inlayer be able to just take out the 2-3 frets in the spot I want, and inlay it like normal, even though its already radiused and everything? I am just trying to think for the future, if it really bothers me having a totally blank board.

I understand how pricy it will be, and hoping I dont get too **** to go ahead and need it, but it may happen someday if I get bored of the guitar

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Even more advanced inlays can be done, but I would imagine it to be extremely difficult. Here is a link to a person who does customer work on inlays and part way down is a guitar with a guys name Mike or something and that board was inlayed with frets intact, I might even suggest having a professional do it because if you mess up your boned. Here is the link F-board inlayed with frets intact.

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Yes, it can be done with a few reservations. As long as the inlay stays above the 12th fret, pretty much anything can be done. Once the inlay goes below the 12th fret, it is HIGHLY advisable to remove the frets. This inlay was done with the frets in place.


It's definately not as easy, but doable. When you get that close to the frets you have to be (in my best Elmer Fud voice) very, very careful. :D

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