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Sd Tele Neck And Humbucker Bridge - No Bucking In Single Coil Mode


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Hello, all. I installed a Seymour Duncan STR-1 Vintage Telecaster neck pickup in my Squier '51. It is not reverse wound/reverse polarity.

The bridge pickup is the stock humbucker (decided to keep this one, as its a decent pickup)

The Squier '51 stock setup comes with a coil split on the volume pot. With the stock setup, I like the middle position both in humbucking and coil split mode. Split in the middle is my favorite, and it also humbucks really well.

Now that I've put the SD STR-1 in the neck, it no longer reduces hum at all. My guess is the stock neck pickup was RW/RP and thats where the problem came in.

The middle position was out of phase, so I tried a couple tricks on the humbucker to fix it. I flipped the wiring, then flipped the whole pickup. The way I have it now, the sound is in phase... but very noisy in the middle position. When I pull the coil split, it hums like crazy.

Anyone have a clue how to fix this?

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Change the humbucker back to the way it was and flip the wiring on the neck pickup instead.

Yeah, that was going to be the next step. I was thinking since that pickup was supposed to be the better of the two, I wanted to install it according to SD's instructions. Hopefully that solves the problem! Thanks.

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OK, I went back in and flipped the wiring on the neck pickup. In the center position, it started humbucking with the coil split turned off. When I turned on the coil split, it would quit humbucking once again.

When the humbucker is split, it must be selecting the wrong coil to work together with the neck. The problem is this is a 3 wire humbucker, and I don't know how to get it to change coils without reversing the polarity... which I've found loses the humbucking in coil split mode again.

I've also spun the humbucker and swapped its wiring just to see what would happen, but its the same always. Either its out of phase, or it doesn't buck in split mode.

I guess I will have to see what I can do with one of the HB's to make it switch to the other coil.

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The problem is this is a 3 wire humbucker, and I don't know how to get it to change coils without reversing the polarity...

When you say 3 wire...do you mean 3 plus the ground lead? SD connects one of the leads to the shield beneath the end of the wires under some shrink wrap...you may find there is the 4th wire there...selecting the other coil is a matter of reversing the leads...I did this mod recently with a SD humbucker...


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No, its simpler than that. It's just a Squier stock humbucker that has a three conductor output wire on it. Here's a diagram I made of whats going on:


I've been discussing this elsewhere and have come to the conclusion that I need to spin the magnet. (done it, need to install and test)

I did this method and got out of phase in the middle:


I'm thinking that diagram with the magnet spun may do the trick.

EDIT: I spun the magnet and kept wiring diagram #2. It works.

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