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Difference Between And Cts


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I'm not familiar with Alpha pots, but CTS is known to be high quality. They seem to last longer, have less noise, and be smoother. I would guess that they also suck your tone less, but I doubt most people would notice that difference if there is one. But there is definitely a difference between CTS and the Radio Shack ones, and CTS is the better.

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CTS is traditional. They were used by a variety of guitar makers.

But traditional doesn't mean consistent. Approximately 2 years ago I started getting bad CTS pots in batches. Apparently this was a transition - from being USA made to being manufactured offshore.

That's when I made a change to Alpha. They are high quality parts, easily the equal of the previous CTS made in USA pots, and since then, much more consistent.

I don't use anything but Alpha pots now. I can't comment if CTS has jumped the hump because it is difficult going back to something that declined when you have a good source now.

No, they don't make a difference in tone. They do make a difference in how long they last.

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