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Difference Between Schaller Megaswitch Model E And Standard Fender 5 W


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The pickup configuration I plan on putting in my current build is H-H ( Two regular sized Humbuckers) but I am still undecided as to which switch to use. I really do prefer a blade style as opposed to the Les Paul toggle. I understand that I can use a telecaster 3-way switch but I have a several 5-way switches sitting around the house. Here is my question; is the Schaller Megaswitch Model E significantly different in its switching options as opposed to the standard Fender 5-way switch? More specifically, in a two humbucker configuration can I get the same switching capabilities on the Fender Switch without additional switches ( or push/pull pots)?

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No, you cannot get the same options using a standard Fender switch.

The Megaswitch "E" seems to have the options limited, though. This is a benefit if you know for sure you want to use those options, making your life easier and your wiring diagram less painful. You can download the Megaswitch E instructions to see which combinations are possible. If you're still not sure yet, don't mind some planning, and want supreme flexibility you will want a "4-pole 5-position" switch instead.

For my money, although I've only used the 4-pole switches myself, I think I'd actually prefer letting the Megaswitch "do the work" for me-- like I said, providing it WILL do the options I want.

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