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Veneer Question

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I want to put veneer on the face of the guitar I am building. I know how to put it on and stuff, but the body is contoured, and I was wondering how that would affect the veneer? Its not just a straight cut, like on a fender, but rather a slightly curved cut. Should I make it flatter, or leave it? and what would be a good source of weight to keep the veneer clamped in place while the glue dries?

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On the main site of project guitar, there are tutorials. There is a tutorial about how to add a veneer and while this is a tutorial for a flat top guitar, there is an arm rest carved out which the veneer is curves over. Hopefully, this link it helpful to you if you haven't seen it. Check around the tutorials on the main site there might even be more information somewhere. Best of luck, J.

Link-PG Veneer Tutorial

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It depends what kind of contour you're trying to achieve. If you're trying to make the veneer go over the side roundover of a guitar onto the sides, forget about it. If you're simply trying to cover the top of a guitar and the armrest contour, you'll definitely be able to accomplish this. This will of course, depend on the thickness of a veneer. If it's about 1/8" it will be a little tricky, but possible. If it's something much more thin you wont have much of an issue.

If you're asking questions about gluing / clamping veneers you really need to read up on how gluing veneers work. Gluing veneers is completely different than gluing regular thickness wood together. But chances are you'll be doing one of three routes. Heavy sandbags, waxpaper + guitar shaped plywood/MDF/wood + clamps, or a vacuum pump.

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