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Hvlp And Compressor Questions

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I am looking at getting one of the DeVilbiss Starting Line HVLP spray gun kits. They say they will run 30psi inlet and 10psi at the cap at 13 cfm. My question is, can I run this on a standard compressor at 30 psi and have everything work fine or should I get a HVLP turbine compressor to get the higher CFM. I have to check but I think my compresor is rated at about 8cfm at 40psi. So the compressor does not have enough cfm, but after the pressure is dropped at the gun, will it generate the 13cfm?

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I can't answer specific about your proposed setup, but you may be able to add more air storage volume to your compressor to compensate.

I've plumbed in portable air storage tanks to up my stored CFM. Another handy container is a 40 - 50 gal water heater.

Both are rated for high pressure and can make a significant improvement where high CFM is needed for shorter durations.

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I too have the problem of a compressor that is too small for the air consumption of my suction spray gun. I found if you have your pressure regulator connected directly to your spray gun then there is little line drop compared to having it mounted at the compressor. That way the compressor can run right down in pressure before it becomes too noticeable. Then you will need to stop and let it recharge again. Having a long, large diameter hose will give you slightly greater CF air storage.

I can still manage to get a good finish as I cut the pressure right back till it works well at its minimum pressure around 25-30psi. Certainly having more air than you consume is the ideal.

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