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Black Cherry?

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Has anyone here used black cherry for a guitar body before? I have about enough for one body, seems like a nice tonewood.

Also, has anyone ever made a guitar with a body such as maple or black cherry and use timbers like Mahogany and similar tonewoods for the neck?

*sorry for any grammar errors, big night last night*

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its worth a shot. Gibson made an ash sg with a mahogany neck that was nice. Ive always wanted to use regular cherry for a body but havent gotten around to it yet. IMO it should sound nice. Also it should look pretty good. good luck :D


Well that settles it, it will be done.

Unfortunately the black cherry i have has weird stains, may have to be a solid finish :D

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are they water damage? the oak i built my sg out of got submerged like a 1/2" in water when my basement flooded and got darck stains. You could try to sand them out if there not all the way through. Post some pics so we can all see it im sure some one has a solution. :D

They are almost all the way through, i glued the blank up yesterday, should have most of the routing done by today.

It cut from the same stuff i used to make my LP jr body (where ever that thread is), which was mistakingly marked as Elm, later finding out it was cherry.

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