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Truss Rod Anchor

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Having seen the one in the book, I'm not really sure where you'd obtain one - but it'd be really easy to make it, here's what I'd probably do. If you get a die cutter from Stewart Macdonald for the 10-32 thread, you can put a thread on the end of the rod, then buy a standard gibson style brass adjusting nut (yes the ones intended to adjust, not anchor), screw it on, and then peen the end of the rod locking it in place. If you still don't think that's enough anchorage, you can solder/weld it in place.

An easier option would be to buy a ready made Fender vintage one piece truss rod from Allparts, they have their own anchor welded on and come with the plus nut too.

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I used this one from Stew Mac:

Rod Anchor

It is a similar effect and was very easy to get a good fit. You may be able to get it in horizontal but I put it in up and down. I drilled a hole with a forenser bit and put in some epoxy before fit up. Thread the end of the rod, turn the anchor on and peen the end of the rod so it cannot come back out.

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