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Critical Decision


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I just made a mistake while sanding the edges of the neck pocket. I was trying to mate the maple top edge with the alder edge within the pocket and went too far on one side (the bass side). I went about 1/32 too far and it is visible to the eye. I'm thinking of building a new neck (the original neck wasn't done yet - so not a big deal).

Will the clear coating be enough to take up that space? I don't think it will so unless I hear differently, I'm going to build a new neck 1/16" bigger at the heel. I'll sand the other side of the pocket 1/32 further to match and hopefully that will work.

Please let me know if you think I'm heading in the wrong direction.



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Thanks for the replies. To answer the question concerning the flush trim bit: I didn't want to risk chipping the maple top (still managed to screw it up with sand paper!).

The only thing that bothers me about the 1/32" is that it is very noticable to me. If it is noticable without the clear coating, won't it still be noticable after (even though they may end up fitting snugly)?


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I agree.

By the time you shoot finish on the neck and body, that much will get eaten up, not to worry me thinks...

If you need to fatten up the joint, I've used small pieces of veneer glued to the neck pocket sides if you need to go that route. Try to get veneer the same shade/wood as the body tho...

I've had to sand finish off several times because the finish had built up too thick and made the pocket too tight.

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