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Squier Id For Insurance

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my bandmates house got robbed and 6 guitars got stolen! :D

the owner of most of them is overseas and knows the details

of those but one was on loan and noone (not even the owner) can remember the model!

it was a cream squire strat

h-s-s pups (black, uncovered)

no pickgaurd

a 5way switch

single vol

single tone

standard strat trem

standard strat headstock

probably 5-10 years old

i cant really remember any more details

any ideas on the model or where i could find more information is MUCH appreciated


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its just like the 27-6800 apart from the 3 mini switches and the painted headstock (it was natural)

after seeing the Contemporary Strat i remembered it had a two point fulcrum bridge and pup rings on all three pups

hmmmm i dont really know where to look

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