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Installing Frets Through Inlay Dots

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I'm a musician cursed with an interest in microtonal music, and I'm going to undertake a project of installing more frets on a guitar (so I can have a neck with more than 12 notes per octave).

Here's the problem: Inlay dots are in the way of where I want to place some of the extra frets. What would be my best option, could I saw through the dots and just install a fret through them? Or should I remove the dots and fill them with some kind of wood filler (I have no idea what kind of wood filler would work for that situation)?

Obviously in the future I'll drop the cash to buy a custom made neck from usacg or warmoth that has no inlays, but considering I've never done a fret install or fret level before I'm going to try this on cheap necks the first few times before I do it on a $200-300 neck :D

EDIT: Ooops, I should mention these are squier necks I'm going to try it out on and I believe the dots are phenolic?

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