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I need a 1-piece korina blank (preferably black) for a customer who's DEAD SET on using it, but I can't find it ANYWHERE! I must have gone through like 6 suppliers and they're all out! Anyone have any ideas? It's for a Les Paul design, by the way. Thanks in advance! :D

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Black Limba is a bear to find right now. I suspect this is an issue with the getting the wood to the market(on the mill/importer side), not an issue with how much is potentially available(this is not an extreamly rare wood). I have seen people selling two piece blanks(granted some figure) for $160. That is crazy folks. I offered up a stack of one piece bodies(with figure and very well quartered) to the board for $100 less than that about a year or so ago. We just need to hold tight and the supply will come back as soon as whatever is making it hard to get to market is worked out.

It is tuff if a customer is calling for the wood, and you may have to pass on a crazy premium. If it is for your personal builds, I would just hang tight. It will hit the market again, and I doubt supply will be an issue(like I said the wood is out there, this is not an issue like Honduran Mahogany or Brazillian Rosewood).

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Have you been in touch with larry davis at gallery hardwoods - i have had nice black limba from larry before!!

I agree with the others on the one piece thing - try to explain to the customer that tone will not be improved by making it from one peice of wood and explain the difficulties it is causing you sourcing such a sizable chunk and that it will cost them a lot more!!!

if you could also convince him to go with white limba you will have a much easier time findingsuitable wood and it should be a hell of a lot cheaper too!!

Lots of names it goes by too korina, limba, afara or even idigbo which is technically a different tree but the wood is almost indestinguishable from white limba

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For the record, im also looking for black limba right now...


I had some about a year ago, but used it up (still got a 1-piece LP back on the shelf but I'm not parting with it!!). Still waiting for my buddy Neal to restock, he's had it on order for 3 months but his shipment is stuck in Africa because most of it is apparently white limba instead of black.

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Tried them awhile ago as well.

Dear Ryan,

We are sorry to inform that our 1 piece Korina has been depleted. The closest thing we can supply in korina would be 2 piece glued Korina. Korina is a generally straight grained wood so seeing seams from a top view is difficult to distinguish, once it is sanded.

If this cannot work for you and need 1 piece a few things we can supply in 1 piece is Alder and Mahogany at this time. Please let us know if we can help you any further.

Best Regards


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