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Binding/cutting Question

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If it is plastic binding, it will be glued on with some kind of plastic glue.

Probably some naptha or acetone will help get it loose if it is plastic. Your best bet is to remove it completely, then replace it with a pre-assembled 2-layer binding of the same width. Not a small amount of work, but definitely doable.

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Thanks. Also It was seal so you dont have to sand between painting cotes... If its seal how do i...well remove it? Or Should i just cut and not put binding where i cut the violin cuts... Maybe that would look stupid, not binded all around?

And this Pre-assembled 2 layer binding its common to find?

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If you rout in C-holes like the sides of a violin, you should definitely bind it to match the rest of the body or it will look silly IMO.

StewMac has all sorts of pre-assembled bindings, as well as the tools you need to cut the binding channel (use their router bit with the complete set of sized bearings). Do a little homework on this (Search is your friend) and you'll find out all you need to know.

Then make the decision before you remove the binding (which will be more difficult since it is sealed...you'll have to cut through the sealer on the seam with an exacto knife).

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Thanks Erikbojerik! But lets say i remove the binding, the rest of the guitar is gonna be seal, except for the C-holes i cut and then when i put the binding back on...

Do i remove all the sealer? Also cause i wanted to put a stain on the guitar, and maybe a suttle fade... But i doubt sealer would work with a stain cause the stain has to be on the wood itself right?

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