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Hello! I´m New Here And I Need Your Help!

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Hi, iñm new here and I want to learn from you...sorry if I cant speak good english but i´m from el salvador...I have a gibson les paul special ´99, originally it was solid red but I changed the color for solid wine red(poly utherane). I know gibson finishes are nitrocellulose so now I want to change again, but i´d want to give it nitrocellulose and i want to leave vetas in the wood like translucent colors but i don´t how people do that...could you help about it...thanks!!!

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do you mean you want to just give it a translucent colour so you can see the wood through it? if so just colour the nitro with dye. if thats not what you mean, then i dont know what you do sorry

thanks about replying..and i want to see the wood trough the paint...but here in my country, nitrocelluloce is not for sale..could I another paint?

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