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Original Floyd Rose & Lions Claw

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Hi guys,

Well I've just about finished up my CAD body plans (I'll make them available when im done - but I use a program called Pro/ENGINEER, which you may not be familiar with, so I'll try and make AutoCAD compatible drawings for you guys), and as far as I can tell, theyre very accurate.

However, while my drawing originally started as a left handed Jem copy, I've dropped the monkey grip but decided to stick with the lions claw. This is where I hit a slight hitch; All of the plans and photo's I have seen, show a distinct difference between the tromolo rout for an Ibanez Edge system Vs. an Original Floyd Rose system (what I intend to use). This can be seen here, and here (note the position of the cavity which connects the bridge and rear cavity tremolo routs). My concern is this: Will installing a lions claw, as per the Jem777 blueprints (second link, the plans are old, but It is the same on all the Ibanez Cavities I have seen), with the differering position of the cavity lead to incorrect operation? Is this possible, and has anyone tried it before? Also, assuming this is possible and has been done, How long should I make the lions claw and with respect to what position?

I could just buy the Tremolo now and measure it, but I'd really like to just get the sheets done before I order anything. It just seams like the smart thing to do (to me anyway), so I can order each piece and make corrections to the 'finished' drawings as necessary (Hopefully not necessary :D) and not get ahead of myself.

Anyway, I appreciate any advice you've got, If theres anything I've said thats a bit vague, just ask, and thanks in advance for any help you can give.

-Liam M.

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I can't give you advice because I've not been in this situation. However, I find that it's best to make detailed drawings of mounting points and routes, etc, only AFTER you have all of the parts in your hands. I'll be installing an original floyd on a doubleneck shortly and plan to use a lions claw. I'm sure it can be done, but you need to get the trem first and measure everything with a caliper.



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