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Please Help Troubleshooting My First Tele Project.


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I followed Stew-Mac's diagram for Wilkinson Single-coil Pickups for Tele using the 3-way Lever action Pickup Switch.

Here's my results:

Switch in forward position - nice sound but very weak

Middle position - NOTHING!??

Switch in back position - nice, powerful signal

So before I take it apart I need to be clear on some fundamentals. I thought the middle position would be both pickups, am I wrong?

From the diagram it looks like the forward position will activate the bridge pickup and back position will be the neck pup. If this is true then before I take it apart should I try raising the bridge pup closer to the strings?

I haven't attempted any final set-up yet, still have to put string trees, adjust action, etc. I just wired it yesterday and need to get this right before I move on.

What are my next steps? Thanks in advance. :D

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Dunno what you did, but you did something wrong. :D You already figured that out.

- Make sure your switch is the same kind of switch

- Make sure that you're wiring to the correct lugs (obvious)

- Make sure that if they're the same make of pickup, that you use wires following the same colour codes. So, if Stewmac's diagram has a white and black wire, but yours has white and red, just make sure that you're consistent with how you "translate" the colours.

The wiring might seem discrepant, but remember that when the switch is all the way back, because it's a lever, it will create a circuit on the lugs that are forward. But it doesn't matter-- if you do it backwards, just flip the switch around. ;-)

Yes, the middle position should be both pickups on.


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Thanks Greg. The diagram came with the pups. Each has a bare wire that grounds to the volume pot. I assume minimal if any bare wire should be exposed. Is it essential to cover all exposed wires? On the caps too?

Your explanation of the switch clarified the positions for me.

Looking at the diagram the positive wire links one lug on each side of the switch and then goes to the volume pot. Each pup is connected to the two end lugs. Then an empty lug, then the positive wire. So each side has an empty lug. Can I just connect each pup to the empty lugs?

Could the weak pup be a result of a poor soldering job?

Thanks again.

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You may be having a switch vs diagram problem - depending on who made the diagram and who made the switch.

The stew mac three position "tele" switch has it's common poles opposite of what the three position switch normally used for a tele. This trips people up using a wiring diagram since it looks right per the diagram.

So either your switch is incorrect or the diagram, and since you didn't post links to either, I can't tell you which.

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OK, yes - it was the switch, stuck with it 'til I got it right. Trial and error, ran out of mistakes to make, tossed the diagrams and fiddled with it until it works. Doesn't match any of my diagrams but at least I learned a little bit.

Yep. The problem with wiring pictorial diagrams is that you must have the exact same parts, especially switches. Otherwise they are completely useless.

A real schematic can be wired using any part/switch once the switching is understood.

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Sorry to be off topic, but what are these "pups" that you keep mentioning?

Pickups, as in pickups

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