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hi..i just got the zakk wylde emg set...(and im very excited) but my set up is going to be 2 volume..and a 3 way toggle..but the pots in the set are a volume and tone pot already connected with a capacitator...and theres two of these...but i just want the two volumes...so can i just cut off the tone pot and the capacitator?or are these pots unusable? thanks..(sorry if this is confusing)

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it's actually better to heat up the solder and pull the wire and capacitor off, makes it look a bit cleaner then a cut wire sticking out, there' no reason why you can't just use the 2 vol's, althought i thought the 2 sets in the ZW box were 2 different length's (threaded shaft).

one thing to be carfull off though, presoldered pots from the factory are sometimes very hard to unsolder and require alot of heat, the thing to be carefull off is that to much heat can supposedly ruin the pot, it's never happened to me, but that's what i've heard, so be carefull as 25k pots are a little less common(and a bit more pricy) then 500k pots, so make sure you iron is fully heated up before you start, of if this now makes you nervous, just cut the wires lol :D

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