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Where To Find A Pre-slotted Fretboard?

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Well I already have the body cut out, routed (pickups & control cavity), and contoured. I will be using a TOM so I have not done anything with a bridge yet on the body. I haven't routed a neck pocket either. I guess I could use a 24.07 board. I will just have to redraw my plans out in cad and see how it effects everything. So it is just basically .07" longer?

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Essentially, yes! I think I explained how to figure the scales within a scale in a previous post. If not, I do not mind explaining that here to help with figuring the different kinds of scales you can get out of your templates or slotted fingerboards.

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Well if you all think it will work properly I think i'm going to cut down a 25.5 board instead of trying to make my own 24" board.

I was planning on getting this to make my neck. which will be a fender style shortscale neck.

This for the neck


This for the fretboard


and this for the truss rod.


Does this sound like it would all work out properly?

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The length will depend on your build, you will either need a 14 1/2" truss rod or a 18" truss rod. I am not sure if your neck will be significantly shorter because of the 24.07" scale, so I can't say which would work. But your best bet is to draw out the guitar to full scale and go from there.

If you're adjusting from the nut end, stick with a 1/8" allen wrench adjustable rod. If you're adjusting from the other end of the neck, the spoke wheel would probably work out best.

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I've drawn out plans for a 24" build and discovered that an 18" truss rod is pushing it in terms of length. This is with a spoke wheel truss rod. Definately go with 24 frets to give yourself a little extra length. I think I may have to send my fingerboard back to get two more slots cut in it for that very reason. :D

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That shows the length of the 18" vs. the 14.5" in a full scale drawing of the guitar I'm building. What would you recommend? I can't add any frets to the board because it will hit the pickup. The red lines are just to show the length in comparison to the neck and fretboard.

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I just measured a couple of the 18" rods I have laying around. The truss rods measure right under 18" from one end to the other, so I think the 18" one would be a perfect fit. If it were one brass insert to the other, you'd be in trouble.

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I just calculated it up on stew mac and it doesn't look like the 18" would actually fit in the neck.

24.07" fret scale Printable

fret from nut fret to fret

1 1.351" 1.351" (nut-1)

2 2.626" 1.275" (1-2)

3 3.830" 1.204" (2-3)

4 4.966" 1.136" (3-4)

5 6.038" 1.072" (4-5)

6 7.050" 1.012" (5-6)

7 8.005" 0.955" (6-7)

8 8.907" 0.902" (7-8)

9 9.758" 0.851" (8-9)

10 10.561" 0.803" (9-10)

11 11.319" 0.758" (10-11)

12 12.035" 0.716" (11-12)

13 12.710" 0.675" (12-13)

14 13.348" 0.638" (13-14)

15 13.950" 0.602" (14-15)

16 14.518" 0.568" (15-16)

17 15.054" 0.536" (16-17)

18 15.560" 0.506" (17-18)

19 16.038" 0.478" (18-19)

20 16.488" 0.451" (19-20)

21 16.914" 0.426" (20-21)

22 17.316" 0.402" (21-22)

I may need to redraw the neck in cad again to make sure it is correctly drawn.

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Also keep in mind that you will have some distance after the 22nd fret (say a half inch or so) as well as the nut slot which sits sits on a flat area of the neck( 1/8" or 3/16"). You can add all that in, but like I said, it's close. :D That's why i've decided to lengthen my neck slightly and go with 24 frets. All this will do on your design is slide the bridge a bit closer to the neck end of the guitar. Unless you're building an exact replica, this probably isn't a huge deal.

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OK, I took a cad drawing of a telecaster neck and basically cut it down like I would the real fretboard. Then I put the neck into my guitar drawing at the correct scale. Here is where the 18" truss rod sits. will this work?

*right click and view image to see it not distorted.



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