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Position Of Sound Hole

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Alrighty fellow guitar fiddlers :D

I was looking thorugh a Guitar mag last night and there was a picture of an acoustic bass with the sound hole in the corner, next to the where the bottom horn would normally be on a strat.

I was wondering if this was the a good design or not (personally I can't see why not) but to get my head round it, I was wondering about the following:

Generally the sound hole is directly below the strings, but does it need to be. Essentially, I picture the soundhole's purpose as letting the air out of the soundbox, due to the vibrations of the top, not the strings. If there are some vibrating strings and a big fat sweaty hand infront of the soundhole, you are increasing the resistance to the air comming out of the box.

I can't see the strings having any need to be directly over the hole, unless it forms a kind of echo, if you know what I mean. The strings themselves don't seem like they would have that much effect on the air movement within the air box.

Anyone following or do I have to think of a better way of putting it when I'm not in such a rush.

Scratch your heads and let me know what you think.

Kaj :D

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It is an interesting question. Placement as it relates to functionality of an area of the soundboard is one thing to think about. By the same token placement of a soundhole will loosen the soundboard in the area surrounding the hole(think F holes on an archtop). So placement could be moved to an area that is less efficient, but in doing so would change the dynamic of the soundboard as a whole. Difficult question to specifically answer. As far as the soundhole itself and its function. There are a few different opinions, and no solid answer for you. There was a good discussion with input from some very seasoned professionals over at the OLF recently-link. Fun subject to chat about.


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