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Duplicarver with Pictures

Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

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My partner uses one. We are just finishing a Paul Reed Smith "tribute guitar body".

Of course, it is only for our presonal use, as Mr. Reed Smith's lawers get VERY testy about copys of their guitars B):D:D .

I will post pictures, but this thing looks BAD ASS!!!!

Now I can finally have a Black Limba PRS body!!!!


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Here ya go! Complete plans for the CopyCarver. It's for carving fish, :D but it looks interesting, and evidently it's scalable. "Easily built in 4 hours with common items found in any home / hardware store for around $150 US", so the price is right! Update us if you decide to build one - if it works, I may make one myself, but I'm not brave enough to attempt it at this point.

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^i saw that a while ago.

But it looks like its made for small jobs. Yeah its scaleable.

But how would you fit a router powerful/deep enough to route out things like neck pockets and trem cavitys and control cavities...and what not.

And I dunno about flipping it over to do the other side...it seems it'd have to be a pretty accurate flip. I guess centerlines or something?

I just dunno about that router stuff.

Well obviously it can be done:

Musical Instruments - Here is the biggest surprise to me of all. The largest group of Copycarver users is by far guitar, banjo, violin, mandolin and piano builders. I had no idea there were so many people building these instruments by hand as a hobby. The results they have achieved with the Copycarver are overwhelming. Each using the machine not to produce quantity but to produce quality. Once a design is perfected it can easily be reproduced to exacting standards each time, reducing any errors left to chance.

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ya i never understood how you could flip something over on a cnc or duplicator and have it perfectly in the right place... i mean, center line... and a scale line or something might do it,.... but what about parallel axis error... or just the fact that people vision isn't perfect??

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i was thinking maybe a box or something?

making a 2 boxes sized perfectly for the guitar body.

Know what I mean?

Kinda like a barrier on all 4sides, and the body could only just fit and only in one direction. And then flip them over...and they'd only fit perfectly flipped over. I dunno.

Maybe it has suggestions in the Forum section? But I'm ASSuming you have to buy the plans to get access to it.

here's a guy that uses the carver for bangos.


here are some other ones


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Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

Mine will be made out of an old bed frame i have lying arond from our old roommate. That's all I know now until I lay out the plan.....when I am awake.

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yeah wes, its probably more for if you are gonna mass produce. sort a small scale version of prs, you have to either have a 3d cad of your guitar wich you then can enter the x,y,z axis's then it will do the work for you. im thinkin about getting one, i have two different guitar models i wanna start producing and i also have a bass that is freakin cool and a baratone guitar in the works, i have a buddy who does really great cad designs so next week were gonna do my guitar, then i think i will be able to just instert the disk into this program and walla! a guitar! but i think i might still have to enter all the different demensions by hand. but since i wanna start a co. this machine would let me make perrfect carves and every neck joint and every carve would be perfect! this way there is a lot less chance of mess ups, and perfect fitting necks! wich in turn gives a perfect guitar! maybe im starting to sound a little like mr. smith but i want to be able to build a "perfect" instrument! and for the price of this tool i think it might be worht getting, you figure it takes about 2-4 hours to carve and almost finish sand a carve top? well if this thing can do a perffect carve in lets say 1.5 hours wich is slow for a machine, i could be glueing another instrument or doing binding

also you can make necks and if your like me build your own bridges!

my buddy just finished our bridge design! it will be a single stop tailpeice that is ampedextris so one brdige for either lefty or righty!

so then instead of paying a machinist to make them i can do it myself!

im really considering getting one, i just got to talk the wife into it.

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