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I Want My Guitar Black!


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I dont care if it doesnt look like a professional finish, but i don't want it looking bad

and since i dont know where to get my guitar finished except online which costs hundreds of dollars

could i get black car spray paint and polyurethane gloss and use that? i know how to spray from cans so it doesnt run. And could i just spray over my current finish? which is a matte finish

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If you want to get a nice looking a durable finish for a lesser amount of money, check with any local autobody shops. See if they can throw it in next time the do something black. They should be able to give you a good price since your guitar will basically just use up some of the excess paint in the gun. Just sand it with like 220 grit paper to rough up the surface before you take it in. And obviously take off all of the harwarde that you can and tape off the rest.

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