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What Is The Absolute Least That Can Be Done?


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Will this depend on the wood?

Is it enough to use a minwax stain & seal?

Should I be considering an oil rub?

What happens to unfinished wood?

Right now I've got a alder thinline with a maple top. Dings, scratches, coffee stains, bullet holes, roach burns... don't bother me. This guitar is for playing.

Humidity an issue? Seems sealing the outside won't protect the inside as it's got the f hole.

Appreciate any input. I'm planning more projects. Thanks.

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Something like Tru-oil will give you a great looking natural finish (and easy to apply).

Don't worry about the inside, archtops and acoustics have unfinished insides.

You really don't want to leave wood unfinished on a guitar. It really needs some kind of protection. Otherwise it can start growing mold or stinking because of all the sweat/water/beer that gets on it from playing.

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