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Truss Rod On Glue Joint?

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Here are my options:

Use a one piece flat-sawn cut of wood for the neck, or

cut the piece in half and have it make a quarter-sawn neck, but the glue joint will be where the truss rod sits.

Does anyone foresee a problem with thr truss rod resting on top of a glue joint?


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I have a Peavey guitar with a two piece neck - maple split down the center, half the truss rod routed out of each side, and glue back together. That's the whole neck, fretboard is the same maple. Could look really cool if it was bookmatched. But yeah, things still like a rock, with a glue joint all around the truss rod on both sides. (And that guitar has seen some heavy strings, some trussrod abuse, and some radical and immediate tempature and climate changes.)

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Well, most glue joins tend to be stronger than the wood so you should be in a much finer position than people without a glueline under the rod :-D

I just realised that what I said was totally irrelevant unless your neck is made out of glue :-D As long as you have enough stable material under the rod slot, you're on a winner.

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