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Need Some Advice On Finishing!

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ive been doing some research on using spraypaint and such, and none of it has sounded to good, i want a finish that will last atleast. so is there places like auto body shops or something that could do the painting for me. and what kind of clear would they most likely use. cause ive done a ton of reading and the only stuff people talk about on this forum is what not to do, i had trouble finding some straight up advice on some of this stuff...

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I've heard of people getting an autobody shop to paint their guitars, but I don't really know what type of product they would use.

You can get a fine finish with rattlecan paints (example). I believe most electric guitar builders favor nitrocellulose based lacquers. Of course, many have used acrylic lacquer and water-based lacquers with good results. The most important thing when it comes to finishing is using compatible products.

I highly recommend you visit the ReRanch forum, which deals primarily with guitar finishing. They should be able to answer any questions you might have.


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Body shops use two-part polyurethane automotive paints. That stuff is the hardest, most durable finish you will get. It is also generally pretty thick, and is deadly toxic if not handled properly. Think of the finish on most current production guitars (electric).

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