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new finish

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Ok, it's a 60's archtop, with a lot of odd switches. So with that in mind choose one of these 4 finishes:

1) natural, just like John lennon's late casino. Just a few coats of clearcoat

2) red stain. the wood is pretty good looking, and i think this might be nice.

3) solid red. just a simple red finish to make it look fast. It looks like a an old cadillac now, i want a ferrari.

4) leopard print. Wallpaper the body with an animal print (probably leapord). Then clear coat away..

this is destined to be my stage guitar. The body is small, and super light, like 3 pounds. all together It's about 5 pounds of a guitar. The red stain would be beautiful, the solid red would give it a fast look, great stage presence. Leopard, just awesome..


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Go absolutely berserk with it, go Postal all the way, take it as far as you can within your present abilities to be able to finish and one day, play it again.

Sky's the limit.

But try to pick out a design you will be happy with 5 years from now also. :D

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in the words of miles davis, "less is mo', man..."

my favorite look for a guitar is a nice, simple, clear stain. that's it. on my strat (pictures soon, not my avatar picture, either) i have a clear stain on most of the body, with the side and part of the top and back having an ebony stained fire licking across it, a 1/4" solid black line on it's edge to make it crisp and sharp. because that looks so awesome, all of my stage instruments are now going to look much like it or at least be inspired by it.

so my suggestion is this: chicks dig it when a guy is so cool, he doesn't need a guitar with all sorts of crazy crap on it...he just needs something that looks as good as he does...

btw, this is not an opening for insults, save that for the slam topic, i'm in there enough... :D

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