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Dimensions for pickup cavities

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thanks for the depth...but i still need demensions...like how wide and how long....


sorry :D.

41 x 74 for the actual hum.

the 74 extends an additional 6 for the ears

all #s are in mm

and the depth can vary i guess depending on hum size and if you're gonna direct mount or use a mounting ring. like i said my jackson is 17mm (more for the wings) and it uses a mounting ring.

These #s are from an Ibanez schematic i have.

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i only went 1/2" deep and routed for the ears and the wire and they sit perfectly... you could easily get way with 3/4" and some ears but watch out if you have polepeices extending out from the bottom of the pickup

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i was thinkin 7/8 down for the pickup and 1 1/4 for the ears...too deep or sounds good?



how thick is ur body? i'm assuming 1.75?

If you go down 1.25, that leaves .5 left. Is it trem? or what? If its got a trem how deep are you routing for the springs/claw? you may end up going to deep w/ the ears that it comes out the trem cavity.

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