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Can Anyone Help Me?

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Hello again everyone, I've been reading through the posts and its telling me "no to krylon". But my problem is this. I need a cheap effective way to paint my guitar (from wood grain to color to clear coat), but I have no equipment. (no compressor, no guns, no nothing) and i really don't have the money to go out and buy all these things. It will be my first time doing all this refinishing/painting, and I really need some guidance, on some easy to use, cheap paint,primer, clearcoat. :D:D

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You can use spray paint and get very good results. Personally, I used DupliColor paint from an auto parts store.

But before you do that, remember to fill the grain and seal with sand/sealer. After the sand/sealer dries, sand it down so there are no bright spots. After that, you're ready for the primer. I used Zinsser BIN primer with good results.

After the primer you are ready to paint. It took me a full can to get the job done.

For the clearcoat, nitrocellulose is the way to go. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT use polyurethane! That is a sure way to kill the tone on the guitar you're working so hard to make nice. I'm not sure where you can get nitro in Canada, so you'll have to try the home improvement and the hardware stores up there. But you should be able to get the paint, primer and nitro in spray cans.

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Thanks a lot for your help B) How long should I wait till I can start playin it and bangin it around again lol. I've heard things like "such and such takes 6 months to cure, such and such takes years, but with nitro ive heard (From a girl at work) that you can wait like 6 weeks? :D:D

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