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Bottled it!

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For all of you who commented on the fact that I wanted to build a guitar using no glue, I'm affraid you're gonna have to wait a while until I can tell you which bit falls off first. I'm off travelling in about a year so I won't have time to finish it (which means I'm not going to start it).

However, I will be building a big girls version (using glue), just to see how it all looks and to get a bit of experience under my belt.

My question is this though: I want to place the pick ups under either a node or anti-node (whichever is the wobbly one - I really can't remember). Are these going to be in the same place on each string or will the different thicknesses affect it (is it purely a function of the length)? I have a feeling that the nodes will all be in different places as the strings resonate at different frequencies.

The scale length will be 25 inch and there will be two humbuckers. Will the humbuckers (due to the size) "read" over a node and an anti-node, will it sound better if a space them so that each seperate coil is under a two nodes/antinodes?

Am I confusing you or am I confused myself.

Cheers guys, so many questions, so little money!

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A guitar made without glue, and now a guitar with pickups placed perfectly under a node??

Think about this:

If the string vibrates with the vibrations "pivotting" at a certain point of the string length (as a percentage), what happens to that "node" or harmonic if you SHORTEN THE STRING LENGTH BY FRETTING A NOTE!!

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Rhoads56 is right. They are called "nodes" when the string has a minimal vibration but they will move around based on the length of the string vibrating.

George Lynch once worked with ESP on a guitar that had moving/rotating pickups. It never panned out but I think they were going for a similar idea in trying to get interesting sounds from the various nodes/anti-nodes.

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I was just wondering where the best place to place them are! Doesn't matter now any way, Hiscocks book arived yesterday and I've been :D .

He said that if the neck pickup is placed where the 24th fret should be there is a harmonic point which gives a nice tone. Also, there is a harmonic point at the third fret, if the distance from this harmonic is measured to the nut, the neck pickup is can be placed at that distance from the bridge (which is why the Telecaster pickup is where it is).

I think thats about the jist of it.

Melvin Hiscock's book should be taught in schools.

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Cheers Dave. I'll probably see if I can borrow that one after I've read this one.

I've heard good things about that book, but the funds are low (especially as I've just been hit with a bill for my bike-it's definately Italian and definately a woman-looks good but needs a kiss in the morning before there's any chance of it moving)

Think I'll buy some chisels instead.

What I have found though is a geezer that builds resonators and he lives just up the road, hopefully I can beg and borrow some of his tools and save some money. He also works for the international standard currency i.e. pints of beer :D .

Next time I see him, I'll see if he fancies joining the forum.

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