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wireing a humbucker pickup


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:D ive just recived my epiphone pickup in the post today, can anyone tell me how to wire it to:

a volume pot

a tone pot (with a capacitor)

and an input jack!

(oh another thing is the pickup only has two wires coming out of it, one grey and one bare!)

cheers to anyone who gives me a hand!

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i would like to answer this but i'm sure my answer would be fine, disagreed with and then reworded for extra praise by someone else B)

anyway here is the link...its for a 4 conductor pickup but you may notice that two of the conductors on the diagram have been soldered together...so basically the picture is of a two conductor.

hope that helps, if not i'm sure someone will regurgitate it into smaller chunks for you :D

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i could really use the info those links USED to contain. ive been searching through the old posts looking for info on how to wire up epiphone pickups but its not listed on a lot of the wiring sites at "guitarelectronics.com" and the other link doesnt work anymore.

alot of the schematics arent working on the "projectguitar" main site and i need something quite specific.

im looking to wire up a epiphone humbucker straight to the jack with no pots, but i could really use a diagram to keep me straight and also whether i should be using capaciters? (and where) not that theres many places they could go :D

my brothers a electronic tech and im sure he'll know what hes doing but id like to at least give him a diagram to work from rather than a lump of parts.

thanks for any help!

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deadmike, just wire the PUP ground to the jack ground and same way with the hot.  in wiring it to the jack, in case you dont know, figure out which lead is in contact with the sleeve of the jack because this lead is for the ground and the tip is the hot

What about his volume and tone controls?

If you want to use your controls, follow this diagram...


Disregard the red and white pickup wires, solder your pickup's bare wire to ground, and solder your pickup's grey wire to the volume pot lug that the diagram shows the black pickup wire soldered to.

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