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Opinion On Golden Age


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I have two of them in a guitar I built. I love them--but that's totally subjective. I've used them to record a lot of songs. Here's a link...


I always record with the guitar straight into the amp, so there's no pedals here to mask the "true tone" of the pickups.

"Venus Descends" has clean and distorted parts through a Marshall-style amp. I think I recorded the clean part at the beginning with the bridge pickup in single-coil mode.

"Pleasure Can Be Had" is through a distorted Marshall-style amp with the bridge pickup in humbucker mode.

"The Pendragon" (past the intro) gives you the bridge humbucker through a distorted Fender Princeton Reverb, and later the neck humbucker through the same amp.

"guitar test" has several pickup config's through the Princeton Reverb.

Keep in mind that the Fender-style amp has a "mid-scooped" preamp, so it sounds "chimier" and colors the natural tone of the pickups more than the Marshall-style amp does (I think).

All the parts were recorded with a Weber 12" Signature Alnico and an SM57. Hope that's helpful.

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