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Did Some Crybaby Mods


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Ok, bear w/ me here. A while ago I modded my Crybaby Using This Site by putting a Halo inductor in, a Fulltone pot, True Bypass and I did the vocal mod. All was well. I have the Rev E version which is a little different. Here's a pic of the stock one from Stinkfoot's page:


EDIT: Ok, I'm a Ree-ree, I think part of my problems is that I still haven't gotten the hang of resistor codes. I didn't mean to put 6k8 and 4k7, I meant 68k and 47k. Doh!!! Read on if you want a good laugh. Hopefully this will fix things up. Damn I hate being a noob!

The other night I went back to do some more of the mods, but I won't bore you w/ all the noob mistakes I made. I'll just tell you what I currently have going on. the .01uf cap is the blue one on the right in that pic. I changed the 6k8 resistor to the left of that w/ a 4k7 (the gain mod). The resistor to the left of that one used to be a 1k5 and now it's a 2k2. On the bottom row, the resistor all the way to the left is supposed to be a 390k. I have a 510 b/c I thought it would reduce the distortion.

So if anyone wants to take a stab as to why I still get distortion, that would be great. What I'll prolly end up doing when I get home, is just replace all the parts I changed the other night w/ stock ones and start over. But I'd like to know what I did wrong from the "experts" if you'd be so kind.

If I still have problems, I'll take a pic of my board and put it up along side of this one in another post.

Thanks and keep rockin! Dap

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