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What do you think of this?

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Looks very interesting. They claim to have the best tone in the world. How many times have you heard that claim? I think their claim to fame would be more in the lines of innovation and creativity but I guess every builder has to say that they've got the best tone. Everybody's worried about their tone. Tone, tone, tone!!! It's driving me mad!!!!! :D:DB):D:D

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Wonder how they play those instruments.

The Chapman Stick, reinvented. You play it mainly by tapping/slapping the strings with as many fingers as you dare (think "hammer-on"), as well as the usual technique. Tony Levin was the master...

the thing that really impresses me is the ability to play a clean rythm and a distorted lead on the same instrument at the same time.i love that video on the chapman site

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