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Anyone Have Experience With These Clamps?


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Those look a little different from the clamps I have, but I believe are similar. This is the style I have-link

They work very well for me. I glue up soundboards, backs, and tops with them. Pretty slick really.


What do you use for the 2x2 stock?

I used some old straight grain well quartered pieces of pine. Just be sure you use something dry and stable. I generally have a couple flat boards that I use to spread the pressure out evenly for my thin woods(soundboards and backs are less than 1/8" thick and the set is generally wider than 16"). You don't need to crank the clamps down really hard because they press very evenly.

I am not sure if the HF will work as smooth as the ones I have. For a couple dollars more you may want to go for the style they sell at woodcrafters.


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