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Lutheri On The Cheap

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This is a post for all the wood be Luthiers who want to get in on the cheap. I know for some even $500.00 can be an issue, but thats ok, you can still get into it, you just maybe cant get your dream Brasilian/Italian Spruce better than a $3000.00 new guitar just yet though.

Ebay is your best friend, as posted, there are student level sound boards for nothing, 3-4 apiece + shipping, etc...

I got into it wanting to build nice nice guitars that sound better than what I can 'afford' *Ive spent enough to get a nice guitar for all the tools etc already..)

This looks real nice, and could be done on the cheap. It may sound like a step down, but really, if you did 10 of them and sold them (and they sounded good), you could buy enough to get into the biz....or something like that, mainly. :D

I know its just a rant, y'all want to build the next great geetar, but you never know!



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