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How Long Can I Wait Between Coats Of Nitro?


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Well, my vacation is over today and I never got all of the clearcoats (nitro) on my present projects. I will be back to doing work on my guitars mostly on the weekend so my question is; is there a maximum length of time you can go between coats before it starts affecting adhesion of one coat to the next? I have 4 coats on now and it will likely be 6 days before I can continue my clearcoating. Thanks for any help.

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Nice in theory, the whole 'melting in' thing, but it's really not quite that simple. As Nitro ages, the coats don't melt into each other nearly as nicely. But we're talking years, here. Honestly, scuff it up next weekend, shoot 3 or 4 coats saturday, 3 or 4 coats sunday, and you're done.

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