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Anyone Try This Paint Technique?

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This is a good book for the DIY that is a litttttttttle too lazy to look around here in the forum. All the info you can find in the book is here in the pages and more. Seriously, the only thing that I would copnsider from him, if he still sells are the cut out templateds for making copy guitars.Ie Zakk's Buzz, bulls eye, and others if Brian don't have them available in his site.

You want a good 5150 tutorial, here


Idon't know if the pics are still up, because I got most of the pic sites blocked at work, but this was the ome I used for my 5150 inspired LP. http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.ph...530&hl=5150

Like i say, if you feel lazy and don't want to deal with the search, by all means you can't beat the price, but like I say, here is all the info you need, and more... and if you feel generous you can donate to the forum to get access to the advanced and download section.

One word on spray cans... if you can afford real nitro, even if you are going to use a Preval system to shot it, it will beat any spray can hands down (one note here, I haven't used StewMac cans so I don't know the quality of those!!!) and in the long run it will save you time and money.

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Quick slightly off-topic note...

I have a "throwaway" email address that I use for signing up to mailing lists and stuff. On a whim, I signed up for his newsletter to get the "instructions for a wall-hanger" PDF... the pic shows a pretty neat-looking swivelly-deal. I didn't check to see if there was any fine-print, I just signed up. You get the e-Book, and the "instructions" are *NOT* for a swivelly-neato hanger. They're for a hunk of wood with 2 sturdy dowels sticking out.

IE. something we're all quite capable of thinking up on our own. I was curious about how he was going to make the swivel-tastic action, but no... nothing like that... so unless you really want to be on his mailing list, don't fall for it. <shrug>


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