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First Acoustic Guitar Building Question

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I've been thinking about building my first acoustic guitar for awhile but haven't because building the neck bothered me. I was thinking, is it recommended to build the body and buy a neck or if I'm no willing to slave over a neck then it's not even worth bothering with? If anyone knows a really good site for buidling an acoustic guitar with step by step instructions, that would be great.


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There are a few good books, like Cumpiano's Guitarmaking: tradition and technology, or Jonathan Kinkade's newer book. Start with those. Then read through the MIMF.com forum library (archived discussions), read more, read the OLF, and then at a certain point just jump in and start building.

Neck making is actually quite fun, but if you're too daunted by it, go ahead and buy a pre-carved blank+block from somewhere like StewMac, LMI, or similar. The neck is the heart of the guitar, and you do need to get it right to have a guitar that plays well. But that's very doable with just a few good measuring tools and a bit of patience.

If you feel like snooping around, I've got a bunch of process pictures (without accompanying text) detailing the construction of my first two acoustic guitars, more or less:


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