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Gibson Style Tenons

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Hello well I recently got my cast off B) yay after having broken my arm 4 months ago, and was so excited about being able to do stuff again i jumped back in and started doing what I'd been planing all these months, cracking on with my explorer build. But lets just say my arm isn't what it used to be just yet and my accuracy in using chisels is a bit lacking so the neck and body join result is far from nice :D

has anyone used the PRS tenon using the Myka jig to do a Explorer style guitar? I'm just worried about if there will be enough would at the sides of the pocket if you get my drift. Or if there is an easier way of making a Gibson style tenon using a jig?

If anyone has some pictures of a Explorer build using the PRS style tenon that would be cool to see

I'd post a picture of the join but it's so bad I'm embarrassed, :D the next build will be good tho......I hope



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