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Will This Volume Pot Work?


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Well I got my guitar wired up good before I put it int the custom body I'm making. 2 humbuckers, 3 way switch, and hooked up directly to output jack ATM. so I wanted to know something.

My grandfather used to work a lot with electronics and was an old time phone repairman before he passed away. (rip). But anyways, looking through some of his stuff, I stumbled across a vol pot. (3 actually). and because I'm a noob and cant read electronics, it says this on it-


I want to know what the symbol means (ohms I think) and I want to know if this will work as well as a 500k or a 250k vol pot. ----Thanks,


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That is 500 0hms and will not work for a guitar. A 500k pot is 500,000 ohms.

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