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Duplicator Router Bits Help


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I know a number of you have made duplicators- I searched all those topics a number of times...

I'm putting one together myself using linear bearings and a 1 1/2 hp 1/4" collet router.

I'm planning to make my own stylus bits to match router bits I use, but what bits do you guys find most usefull?

I was thinking 3/4"-1" core box bit for roughing, and 1/4" downward spiral for cavitys and outside body shape. Is this a good choice?

I plan on making templates to run most work on this machine including routing PUP/electronics cavities, outside body shape, and *ROUGH* neck back shape. Also some of my guitars are highly detailed hand carved, and want to duplicate some of those on occasion.... and plan on using a 60 degree "signmakers" bit for those *rough* details, and finish them off by hand with chisels.



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I would recommend carbide endmills. You'll find they cut more easily than typical carbide typed router bits, and they also cut much cleaner. Plus, there's a much smaller chance that these will ever bite into the wood and run away from you than a typical router bit. I would also recommend stepping up to a stronger router with a 1/2" collet; I wouldn't be surprised if you quickly found the current selection to be underpowered for this application.

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