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How To Build A Simple A/b Box


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I hate the clicks and thunks I get from switches. How quiet is your A/B? I would be tempted to suggest an active circuit with two op-amps running in parallel, one with unity gain and the other with zero gain, switchable by some logic circuit in turn ran off a momentary switch which is debounced?

If the switching is quiet then this is just academic :-D

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To be honest all my leads are at my friends house bar the two i have at the house the now so i havent tested it properly yet. It works fine switching between amp and the empty socket with no pop, but this might not be the case when connected to two amps. il let you know when i test it out properly. I would rarely need to switch amps mid song so i guess it doesnt really matter. However an active circuit looper pedal would be a good project so i could switch between two different banks of effect pedals but somehow still having it conected to the same amp. Would this be possible?

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I posted this in January:

Stereo ABY

You can scale down the diagram to mono and no Y as required, and all the required parts are listed. What ever blows your skirt up. This includes the type of switches that I used which are a bit pricey, but very, very quiet. LED and optional tuner wiring is included as well. With time, I found that the only mod that I would make would be to add a third "Y" LED instead of having both the A and B LED's come on during Y mode. This would allow you to know which channel your coming back to when coming out of Y. In the heat of things, I sometimes forget which channel I was in originally before I go to Y. This is only a problem when I'm in A, go Y, but I want to come out in B. Anyway, I haven't gotten around to rewiring it yet, but if anyone needs this mod, let me know and I'll post it. In any case, whether mono or stereo, if you want LED's, you need a TPDT switch. 2 poles for sound, and the third for the LED's. Hence, the pricey switch.


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