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Cryogenic Treatment

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J: Archtops, in the true sense of the word, are acoustic guitars, just like flattop steelstrings and classicals. And to me, at least, more daunting to build 'properly'.

:D Gotcha!

I couldn't really think of a proper name for the style I was thinking of. Basically, a thicker than electric hollow body with some electronics, sometimes even hidden under the top. I can see now they would just be acoustics as you said, never thought of them that way, but it makes perfect sense since its a hollow body that can be sold with or without electonics I believe, duh! Thanks for the clarification Mattia.

I'm really bad at remembering all the different types of acoustics, I wish there was a page with all the different styles of acoustics shown together. Come to think of it, I would buy a poster or picture if they sold something like that. That would be pretty cool. Someone at OLF should design one and sell them through the store, hmm might have to mention that, lol, it would be easy to make for some of those guys that do all the crazy stuff with the pictures and would be cool to hang in the shop or even house. Though, I bet there is one out there somewhere.

Anyhow, while as you mentioned being quite a bit more difficult to build, I would imagine that between the acoustic properties and with winding your own pickups, you could really fine tune the sound you wanted, or at least discover and tweak all kinds of different sounds. I'd be interested to mess around with the sounds, but it would likely be years before you had enough guitars and pickups to make numerous comparisons. J

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It's just the fact that you have a bunch of wankers who buy into all this stuff as if money were no object, trying to "chase" tone, whatever that means. Fact is, most of the so-called bearers of the "Holy Grail" (Hendrix, Clapton, Page, Blackmore, GREEN) never used anything that was cryo-treated or fancy aluminum or titanium bridges and nuts.

And most of these people who buy this shill will NEVER do anything memorable with it.

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I'm all for advancement.

Where would we be without it...?

But it always get to me with these "tone chaser" people.

"What if I change this, what if I change that? Will Product A improve my tone over Product B?"

There are way too many variables to say if one thing will make a difference or not.

In this case, with something new and unfamiliar, you would need to show the masses what it is you're talking about.

Post sound samples in case of pickups, or video showing the increased strength in something like a bridge.

Without that, they're just words, and how do you use words to truly describe sound?

Just my opinion....

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Visit My Website



some wanted to hear it thru a cleaner running amp setting


Amp used was a peavey classic 20 for all recordings (videos straight into amp)

This is with the 2" bridge post in metric thread

aluminium bridge with titanium saddles

aluminium tail ( the titanium had even more higher end range but we found it was not made to vintage specs as our liking)

250 k volume pots & 1 meg tone pots & vintage bumble bees

no Cryogenic Treatment

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