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Staining A "sealed" Body

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sealer does exactly what it sounds like. it seals the wood. you cant stain the sealer itself, it has to take to the wood.

so, can the sealer be sanded or am I s.o.l.?

yes, the sealer can be sanded down. what kind of wood are we talking about here?


then it should be fairly easy to sand off the sealer. if you are really sure you want to stain it instead of spraying a tinted color coat.

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If it's one of the Saga kits, be very careful sanding the body. The neck tends to sand pretty well, but the veneer on the body is very thin on the edges and is very easy to sand through. I know this because I'm right in the middle of one of these kits right now. I originally decided to try to dye the top even though I've read that many people have had problems with sand through, however, even though I've had many years practice doing body work on cars and a whole lot of equipment (DA, Paint Guns, Finishing Sanders, etc...), I decided to give it a shot. Results: I sanded through as well. It is VERY thin and the sealer is like epoxy... It is a pain to sand...

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I've got the PRS kit. The good news about the kit is the sealer takes paint very well with a scuff job, but sanding down for dye is an absolute nightmare. Be very careful on the outside of the contour and with a light touch. It's a lot thinner than it looks, trust me on that. If you do get too close, or even come through the veneer, it does fill fairly nice with a good quality fill and sand. I used urethane on the primer, then laquer for the color and nitro for the clear. I'm now in the process of wet sanding in prep for final clear, but will say so far, it's looking pretty darn good, even with the minor sand through. I just hope it sounds as good as it looks when finished. BTW I am changing the pickups and tuners right off to help with the latter.

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