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Finding Knobs For Coarse And Fine Knurled Pots

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I'm looking for knobs. Thing is, the blend pots I've gotten are coarse knurled, and the long-shaft 500K pots I've gotten are fine knurled.

So, I either need coarse knurled long shaft pots (Stew mac sells these) or to mix and match the knurling on the knobs. I know Stew Mac sells coarse knurled knobs. The Allparts knobs say for "USA split shaft pots". Is that the fine or coarse knurled?

FWIW, I'm thinking speed knobs, which is why I'm not just saying "screw it" and going with set screw knobs.

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We have some of the fine knurled on our clearance page and they are identical to the stewmac coarse knurled speed knobs except for the knurl.

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