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Truss Rod Question - Which Type?


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Have used the hot rod double action and found it is a little deep to get a nice thin neck profile and i am wondering on which other type i will use on the next neck. The trad gibson/fender style or the aluminium U chanel type are the other choices.

the U channel looks to be easier to set up than the gibson/fender style

Any one got tips or advice on this?


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For mine, I went with this rod from LMII:


I thought about trying something U shaped, but then decided that I liked the construction of this one, despite it's higher cost. After looking at it once it arrived, I think it is worth the extra $10, because I think it's pretty durable, and although I forget my calculations, I could still get something thinner than a wizard, leaving at least 3/16" of wood between the bottom of the route and the back of the neck. I guess soon enough I will find out if that is really the case.

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I use the same as Chennik, Ray.


I've used the hotrods before and now only use these double action welded nut rods. (TRED).

Thin necks are no problem with these.

cheers, Stu

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I like Allieds double acting rods(pretty similar to LMI's). I am not sure if LMI is offerening the finer thread version Allied offers(LMI may be the same as the old Allieds), although I have used the old Allied, new Allied, LMI in years past, and have used Hot Rods(several years past). My top pick is the newer Allied. Lowest profile I have seen, good construction and machining, very smooth action, an d a fair price tag.


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the slimmest ones i have used are similar to the lmii ones but at the welded end the rectangular bar is welded directly to the round one!! i havnt got pictures of one or any in stock at the moment but its a good couple of mm slimmer at the welded end than the lmii style. unfortunatly the adjustment end is quite bulky, but for necks with a heel end adjustment i havnt found a two way rod skinnier. they come from craft supplies in the uk but they dont list much guitar stuff on the website.

actually i do have a slightly blurry picture of one here:


i have seen these other places but cant remember where now!!!

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are they crap??

They are wider than the 1/4" rods, i believe they are almost 1/2"?

i used them when i was starting out - not good for skinny necks because of the extra width!!! - you might be able to get the neck relatively thin but you will have to have 1/2" relatively flat in the middle of neck profile because if its a rounder profile the corners of the rod will start appearing.

if in doubt it helps to draw out the profile of the neck to see exactly how much wood you can allow under and around the truss rod

also dont forget that you can get away with having a thinner fretboard so that can be a good way to shave a couple of mm off for a really skinny neck, 4-5mm rather than 6-7 mm - just be aware of fretboard radius if you plan on doing that, 4mm is verging on too thin!!

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The ones from Warmoth works nicely as well for thin necks, but the nut is not welded on.

They are more like a single action truss rod, even though they advertise them as double acting.

Not again! :D

Warmoth calls them double expanding, which they are. Warmoth does not call them double acting. They're single acting rods.

Sorry, read that wrong, years ago.

Must have hit a nerve.

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