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Trem King Tremolo Free Shipping Conus!

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Well guys, I have been conducting some research on the Trem King tremolo for some time now and I think this tremolo is absolutely awesome so I became a dealer. I have them in stock. You can check them out at http://www.tremking.com/index.html and they have a VIDEO you have to see! They also have instillation instructions on the web site if you are curious. Pictures and Pricing below, PM or email me if interested. Price includes free shipping CONUS.



Strat Trems:


The TK-1 is a drop in replacement for most vintage style tremolo units. Some routing inside the spring cavity may be needed on certain models.

TK-1-CR: 111.97

TK-1-BK: 118.97

TK-1-GD: 125.97

Tele Trems:


This model is designed for guitars that have a slanted single coil pickup at the bridge that mounts to the bridge plate. The vibrato works exactly the same as the TK-1, but uses a different bridge plate. Routing of a spring cavity is necessary for installation of this unit.

TK-2-CR: 125.97

TK-2-BK: 132.97

TK-2-GD: 139.97

Universal Trem:


This model is designed for other style solid-body guitars with no existing trem route. This model features a smaller footprint than traditional trems and requires LESS body routing than traditional trems.

TK-3-CR: 118.97

TK-3-BK: 125.97

TK-3-GD: 132.97

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I wonder what the minimum body depth can be? From their routing templates, they are asking for more than 1.75".

It would be the same for a Fender Strat trem. The specs they list in the instructions are normal trem cavity dimensions. I would not go less that 1.5" though.

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A quick question about the Trem-King: Does it require a locking nut, or will a regular nut and locking tuners work?

my guess is its the same as any other trem,

you dont NEED a locking nut or even locking tuners, but it sure will help.

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